VIP Tech Services

Independent Factory Trained Service for Your Solvent, Latex, UV or Aqueous Large Format Printer

About Us:
     Located in Hampton, NH (a suburb of Boston MA), VIP Tech Services was established by former manufacturer and dealer service personnel to meet the service needs of a growing wide format print market. All aspects of the print workflow from input devices to prepress, to final output are considered the range of expertise possessed by our technicians. Holding many authorizations from several major manufacturers, VIP is officially qualified to diagnose and repair many widely used printers and laminators. Our extensive knowledge of wide format printers, RIP software and systems integration has earned us the title "Technical Gurus".
     VIP has many years of experience with professional cutting edge color management and possess the depth of understanding to provide you with the best color training and profile creation services available anywhere.
In addition, VIP has installed hundreds of printers and trained many happy operators across the country over the past twelve years. That experience alone has won us the respect among our peers as a "ringer" in the industry. 
     VIP Tech Services prides itself on delivering the best service available for the equipment most widely used today. Robert and his associates are continuously training on the latest machines and software and bringing that knowledge directly to you.
The VIP Promise:
We will respond quickly, knowing that downtime can cost you your clients. Repair or training sessions are scheduled the day of your contact, and many problems are resolved the very next business day if possible.**
We will correctly diagnose and repair your equipment, We have the training, experience, and resources to solve any problem.
We will not overcharge. Our rates are amoung the lowest in the industry and remain stable year after year.
Join our hundreds of satisfied clients today.

*Free phone support limited to three calls per month excluding new and existing customers.
**conditions based on travel, parts availability and scheduling.

Email us at for a complete list of Technician Certifications held by VIP